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Every chapter of the Bible in 140 characters or less.

I summarised the Bible on Twitter between Aug 2010 and Nov 2013 - one tweet per chapter, one chapter per day.

The @biblesummary account peaked at over 30,000 followers, and was featured in the news all over the world.

Find out about the project here, or feel free to get in contact.

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Congratulations to Carole!

Congratulations to Bible Summary commenter Carole who has just completed her own three-and-a-half year journey reading through the whole Bible, and commenting on every single chapter here on the Bible Summary website!

One of my main reasons for publishing my journey online was the hope that I would inspire others to read the whole Bible. Quite a number of people have got in touch to say that they've done just that, but Carole is the first to post a comment every day as well. I'm really delighted about it.

To see Carole's comments, just click on any of the individual chapter summary links here on the Bible Summary website and scroll down to the comments section.

If you're reading this post, why not consider the same challenge? It doesn't take more than about five minutes to read a chapter of the Bible, and you could write a summary or a comment in five or ten more minutes to help you think about what you've read. That's ten or fifteen minutes a day for a genuinely life-changing process. You can do it!


Now Available in Paperback!

Bible Summary

By popular request, a printed book version of the full set of summaries is now available on Amazon:

📖 Bible Summary: Every Chapter in 140 Characters or Less

All the summaries are here on the website, and you can get an edited selection of summaries along with lots more background information on each book of the Bible in my @BibleIntro book, but I still have regular emails asking for a hard copy book of all the summaries.

I put the book together using CreateSpace, and I'm really pleased with the end product. It's definitely useful having the whole project in book form on my desk.

Thanks, as always, for your interest in the project!


On BBC Radio 4

In the BBC studio

I was interviewed about Bible Summary for Radio 4's 'Beyond Belief' programme, broadcast May 16 at 4:30pm.

If you can access BBC iPlayer you can hear the episode here.