Congratulations to Carole!

Congratulations to Bible Summary commenter Carole who has just completed her own three-and-a-half year journey reading through the whole Bible, and commenting on every single chapter here on the Bible Summary website!

One of my main reasons for publishing my journey online was the hope that I would inspire others to read the whole Bible. Quite a number of people have got in touch to say that they've done just that, but Carole is the first to post a comment every day as well. I'm really delighted about it.

To see Carole's comments, just click on any of the individual chapter summary links here on the Bible Summary website and scroll down to the comments section.

If you're reading this post, why not consider the same challenge? It doesn't take more than about five minutes to read a chapter of the Bible, and you could write a summary or a comment in five or ten more minutes to help you think about what you've read. That's ten or fifteen minutes a day for a genuinely life-changing process. You can do it!



Congratulations, Carole - you are inspiring! That's a great challenge, too - another cool use for this very handy website!


Did Carole put hers on a link somewhere? Curious if she has it all compiled online...


Congratulations, Carole!


Lmao I wouldn’t spend my time doing that cause it would take too long

Elon Musk

Congratulation's, Carole! Its immensely profound how the Bible affects an individual.


I write my summary for a long time like half to one hour usually(2 hours occasionally) and it took me too long. Any tips on making it shorter and less time consuming?

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