Chapter Summaries of Joel

Joel 1 31 Dec 2012 1 comment

1 What the locust swarm has left other locusts have eaten. The fields are destroyed. Lament, O priests! The day of the LORD is near.

Joel 2 1 Jan 2013 3 comments

2 A great army is on the mountains. Return to the LORD for he is merciful. "Fear not, I will restore you. I will pour out my Spirit."

Joel 3 2 Jan 2013 1 comment

3 "I will gather all the nations for judgement. For the day of the LORD is near. Jerusalem will be inhabited for all generations."

Chris Juby

I summarised all 1,189 chapters of the Bible on Twitter - one tweet per chapter, one chapter per day for over three years.

These are the summaries of the book of Joel.

They are written to help you understand and remember what's going on in the chapter, but they're no substitute for reading the Bible for yourself.

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