Chapter Summaries of Zechariah

Zechariah 1 4 Feb 2013 1 comment

1 The LORD said, "Return to me." So the people repented. I saw a man on a red horse. The LORD said, "I will return to Zion with mercy."

Zechariah 2 5 Feb 2013 1 comment

2 I saw a man going to measure Jerusalem. The LORD says, "I will be her glory." He sent me to the nations. The LORD will inherit Judah.

Zechariah 3 6 Feb 2013 1 comment

3 Joshua stood before the angel. The LORD rebuked Satan. They put new clothes on Joshua. The LORD says, "I will bring forth my servant."

Zechariah 4 7 Feb 2013 1 comment

4 I saw a lampstand. I asked the angel about it. "Not by might but by my Spirit," says the LORD. "Zerubbabel will complete the temple."

Zechariah 5 8 Feb 2013 1 comment

5 I saw a flying scroll. He said, "This is the curse on thieves and liars." I saw a woman in a basket. He said, "This is Wickedness."

Zechariah 6 9 Feb 2013 1 comment

6 I saw four chariots with red, black, white and dappled horses. The LORD said, "Make a crown for Joshua. He shall build the temple."

Zechariah 7 10 Feb 2013 1 comment

7 The people asked, "Should we fast?" The LORD said, "Show mercy and do not oppress. But they would not listen. So I scattered them."

Zechariah 8 11 Feb 2013 1 comment

8 The LORD said: "I am jealous for Zion. I will save my people. Your fasts shall be feasts. Nations shall seek the LORD in Jerusalem."

Zechariah 9 12 Feb 2013 2 comments

9 The LORD is against Hadrach, Tyre and Philistia. Rejoice, O Zion! Behold your king, riding on a donkey. The LORD will save his people.

Zechariah 10 13 Feb 2013 1 comment

10 Ask the LORD for rain. From Judah will come the cornerstone. "I will save Judah for I am the LORD their God. I will bring them home."

Zechariah 11 14 Feb 2013 1 comment

11 The cedar has fallen! The LORD said, "Shepherd the doomed flock." I broke the two staffs. The LORD said, "Woe to the idle shepherd!"

Zechariah 12 15 Feb 2013 2 comments

12 The LORD said: "I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock. They will look upon me whom they have pierced. And they will mourn alone."

Zechariah 13 16 Feb 2013 1 comment

13 "There will be a fountain to cleanse from sin. I will remove prophets from the land. Strike my shepherd and the sheep will scatter."

Zechariah 14 17 Feb 2013 1 comment

14 A day is coming when the LORD will go into battle. Jerusalem will dwell in security. All the nations will worship the LORD of hosts.

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