Chapter Summaries of Ezra

Ezra 1 15 Sep 2011 1 comment

1 Cyrus said, "Let the LORD's people go up to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple." He gave the articles from the temple to Sheshbazzar.

Ezra 2 16 Sep 2011 1 comment

2 The exiles returned to Judah with Zerubbabel. A total of 42,360 people returned. The heads of families gave offerings for the temple.

Ezra 3 17 Sep 2011 2 comments

3 The Israelites made regular offerings. When the builders laid the foundation of the temple, the Levites sang praise to the LORD.

Ezra 4 18 Sep 2011 1 comment

4 Enemies hindered the work in Judah. Rehum wrote to Artaxerxes: "Jerusalem is a rebellious city." So Artaxerxes stopped the building.

Ezra 5 19 Sep 2011 2 comments

5 Zerubbabel began to build the temple. Tattenai wrote to Darius: "The elders say that Cyrus issued a decree to rebuild this temple."

Ezra 6 20 Sep 2011 2 comments

6 Darius issued a decree: "The cost of the temple shall come from the treasury." The temple was completed and the Israelites celebrated.

Ezra 7 21 Sep 2011 2 comments

7 Ezra went up to Jerusalem to teach the law. Artaxerxes wrote: "I decree that whatever Ezra needs shall be done." So I was encouraged.

Ezra 8 22 Sep 2011 1 comment

8 I assembled the family heads from Babylon and gave the gifts for the temple to the Levites. We came to Jerusalem and made offerings.

Ezra 9 23 Sep 2011 1 comment

9 The leaders told me that the people had taken foreign wives. I tore my robe and prayed, "O God, we have forsaken your commandments."

Ezra 10 24 Sep 2011 2 comments

10 The Israelites wept. They all assembled and Ezra said, "Separate from your foreign wives." The family heads investigated the matter.

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