Chapter Summaries of Song of Songs

Song of Songs 1 9 Jun 2012 2 comments

1 Let him kiss me! I am dark and lovely. Tell me, where do you pasture your flock? Follow the tracks, my love. Behold, you are beautiful.

Song of Songs 2 10 Jun 2012 1 comment

2 She is a lily among thorns. He is an apple tree in the wood. Here he comes, leaping on the mountains. My beloved is mine and I am his.

Song of Songs 3 11 Jun 2012 1 comment

3 By night I sought the one whom I love. I brought him into my mother's house. Behold, O daughters of Zion, the carriage of King Solomon!

Song of Songs 4 12 Jun 2012 1 comment

4 You are beautiful, my love! Your eyes are doves, your breasts are like fawns. My bride is a garden. Let my beloved come to his garden.

Song of Songs 5 13 Jun 2012 2 comments

5 My beloved is knocking! I opened to him but he had gone. The guards found me and wounded me. My beloved is ruddy, his body is ivory.

Song of Songs 6 14 Jun 2012 1 comment

6 Where has your beloved gone? He has gone to his garden. You are beautiful, my love. Fair as the moon, awesome as an army with banners.

Song of Songs 7 15 Jun 2012 1 comment

7 Your thighs are like jewels, your breasts like the fruit of a palm. May your kisses be like wine! Beloved, let us go into the fields.

Song of Songs 8 16 Jun 2012 2 comments

8 Do not awaken love until it pleases. Love is as strong as death. Solomon had a vineyard, but mine is my own. Make haste, my beloved!

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