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Genesis 42 (in 140 characters or less)

Joseph's brothers went to Egypt to buy grain but didn't recognise him. He kept Simeon in prison and sent the rest to fetch Benjamin.

Posted on 18 Sep 2010 to 14,984 followers, with 20 retweets.
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Joseph's own dreams are starting to come to fruition.

Elizabeth grussen

Should be recognized not recognised in the first sentence


Elizabeth, that's a spelling variation between UK and US English. I'm in the UK, where 'recognised' is the correct spelling.


It is very helpful for school

Kylie( Yale Professor)

Please make them more than 5 sentences ta least.

Bev B

God turns the tables on Joeph's brothers

billy bob

thank you so much, you really helpoed me and my friend for our engglish project, now we wont fail!!!!!


Don't get discouraged because of being picky about spelling or the english. They know what the you are saying. I thank God that you are taking the time to help others get interested in learning the Bible and share their comments.You are doing a great Job! May God bless you.


The story of Joseph is like a rejected stones becoming a cornerstone

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