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Genesis 41 (in 140 characters or less)

Pharaoh had a dream and called for Joseph to interpret it. The dream predicted a famine. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of all Egypt.

Posted on 17 Sep 2010 to 14,960 followers, with 23 retweets.
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Kathleen Murphy

Genesis 41 I am interested in the whole chapter.


This is such a short and stupid summary and you know it


Ha! Well short, yes, but stupid is a matter of (rather ungracious) opinion.

You can follow the link beneath the summary for the full chapter.


Joseph uses his gift to interpret Pharaohs dreams

Pastor Linda

Thank you. The Summary is 2 brief


The summary is too brief. It does not mention the Priest of On nor Joseph's wife.

Bev B

Lots to cover in a few verses

Bev B

Two years of waiting until a promise is remembered when Pharaoh has his dreams.

Tim S.

Thanks great chapter


This has helped me with my life and i want to encourage people to read it

joey b

thank you for everything ignore what the haters say the only one who knows is God

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