Exodus 20
summarised in 140 characters or less

I am the LORD your God. Honour the LORD above everything. Keep the Sabbath. Honour your parents. Don't do wrong to your neighbours.

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There we go: the Ten Commandments, somewhat reduced. This has definitely been one of the trickiest passages I've done.

I did try a version that included all the commandments:

Ex20: Don't have other gods, make idols or blaspheme; keep the Sabbath; honour your parents; don't murder, commit adultery, steal, lie or covet.

...but that's not really in keeping with the rest of Bible Summary (and it's a few characters too long so more editing would have been needed).

I decided instead to go with something that retains the major themes and hopefully also something of the tone.

This approach also allowed me to start with "I am the LORD your God", which is such an important introduction to the covenant law that follows over the next few chapters.

(For reference, here's Exodus 20 according to the Twible and 140 Bible, both of which do manage to pack in all 10.)


There you go and testify yourself: You just cant twitter evry bible chapter into 144 characters. That's too much shortening and you'll loose essentials. So drop this silly project !


Hi Littlewhitelephant

You're right that condensing things down to 140 characters can mean that important details are missed out. But I still think it's a worthwhile exercise.

Writing the summaries is really helpful for my own Bible reading, and the project has got lots of others engaging with Scripture too.

If your concern is that people won't have the full picture if they only read my summaries then I agree - that's why I put a link to the full chapter after each summary.

Bible Summary is definitely not supposed to be a replacement for reading the Bible itself!


too short


omg my fave website bby xoxo


You guys should continue the youtube readings on your channel!And thanks for the summaries!


Thanks Jared, I hope to start the YouTube series again over the summer.

jared again

@chrisjuby Yes that would be great!

Henry Henry



Yo Chris, we need to talk.

You have obviously deliberately altered the Ten Commandments. This is very bad bro. You need to repent man.

First, you are altering the History of Genesis - I picked quick on that.

And now you are altering the Second Commandment.

Chris, do you know the second one?

It is "you shall not make ANY GRAVEN images of things in heaven or in earth".

Now, I don't know you personally - but if you have pictures of angels in your church, and of Jesus, and if you have figurines and statues of the saints --- those are graven images. That would make you an idolator.

Serious dude, it's not wise to tamper with the Bible, but here's some solid advice - do not sell your research, I repeat, it is more flawed than you can imagine.

You need to repent, and read through this stuff again.


Chris, it's brave that you are trying to understand the Bible - but you can only understand with the Holy Spirit. I only say this out of passion and love for God's words - and we must always strive to preach the way of the Gospel.

What you have done can easily be corrected. Just correct it bro.

Justin says it's too short. I agree.

Again, skipping the second commandment is destroying the ten commandments. Then you destroy Jesus' gospel, because He came to fulfil the law. Chris, if you don't even know the law, how can Jesus be effective in your ministry? The purpose of the law is to show us the hopelessness of sin and inevitability of death, but if you have not made peace with that, for Jesus sake bro - you don't know Jesus.

And if you are translating scripture at the same time as summarizing it, then maybe you should put less work into summary, and more into pure translation.

Paul talked about the Church in Pergoma. Look it up dude. There are some rotten teachings out there about the Bible. Did you know every religion in the world has a teaching about Jesus, and almost all of them venerate Him? Christianity is the only religion that teaches that Jesus is the only way.

So, Chris, my man - you need to watch out for false teachings. When I went through the first fruits of the faith with my brothers and sisters in Christ - we dealt with a lot of this stuff. I don't know how new you are to the faith, but the way you are treating scripture is very undignified.

Our ancestors would scrap an entire manuscript if they made one mistake. That is the respect that you are due to God when dealing with the Bible.

John Milton, William Shakespeare and Goldsmith contributed heavily to the English Language, and thus - to Civilization, but nothing will ever compare to the contribution of the Bible. You should check it out dude. It's serious stuff. The Bible brought many things to the world, but one thing it never brought was - an attitude of carelessness while dealing with scriptures.

Again, I only say this out of love man.

Take it with the whole salt shaker
In Jesus- peace


@Holocaust/Inquisition - I appreciate your interest in the project. But I think you maybe misunderstand what I'm trying to do with the summaries.

They are just my notes on the chapters. The very short length is because they needed to fit within Twitter's 140 character limit. I wouldn't dream of calling this project a translation. And I hope it goes without saying that I would urge people not to rely on summaries but to read the full chapters for themselves in a proper Bible.

The purpose of the summaries is to help people find their way around Scripture and get the overall gist of the story. They are not for detailed study. I think the vast majority of visitors to the site understand that.

There are lots of summaries that I would probably revise if I returned to them (I may well do that!) But the summaries are only signposts pointing to the actual chapters. There's a link to the full chapter under every summary. Perhaps I should make those links a bit more obvious!


It is about the Ten Commandments.I like the 4 commandment to keep Saturday holy as a day of rest. Sunday is the WRONG day to worship.


Matt 22:
Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
37Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. 40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”


I really think you are all missing the point. He is not blaspheming and altering the Bible, he is merely summarizing it. You should just read the actual Bible if you don't want anything altered or summarized.

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