In celebration of passing 1000 words yesterday and 15,000 followers this morning, I've put up a Stats page.

Here are a few slightly geeky observations, appropriate for a post entitled 'Stats'...

You can get about 25 words to a tweet. The average on my stats page says 23.9, but that doesn't include the reference at the beginning of each summary.

I'm averaging 137.5 characters per tweet. If I continue at that rate, the full summary will be 163,487.5 characters long. (How am I going to do that half-character?) That's actually less than I would have guessed.

I've included 'change in followers' as one of the categories. There's usually a drop in followers for a couple of hours immediately after I post, but an increase of about 20-40 overall by the next morning.

If the current rate of growth continues I'll have about 50,000 followers when I finish the project. I've been gaining 20-40 followers each day for a couple of weeks now (excluding the days when Bible Summary is mentioned in the news etc.) so I'm guessing that will be the average. But who knows - maybe everyone will decide to unfollow one day after a particularly poor summary somewhere in Leviticus!

And a bonus, not from the Stats page...

Wyoming is holding out as the only US state not to send a visitor to Google Analytics informs me that I've had visitors from 115 countries and all 49 other US states.

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Well, I wish I knew someone from Wyoming to send your way, but I don't know. Maybe it's because there aren't that many?

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you're doing. I'm especially looking forward to the day it's done. Then when I want to find a particular story and don't remember where it is, (which happens often) I can look through the archives!

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