Psalm 119
summarised in 140 characters or less

Blessed are those who walk in the law of the LORD. Teach me your decrees. I love your commands. Deliver me according to your promise.

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There we go - the longest chapter in the Bible! 176 verses condensed to exactly 140 characters.

More people have asked me about how I was going to approach this chapter than any other.

I was never going to be able to do justice to the key distinctive feature of the chapter: it's probably twice as long as the next longest. (Anyone know which that is?) I've already posted a large number of other summaries that use all 140 characters.

Thematically, Psalm 119 is actually fairly easy to summarise. You can pretty much do that with, "I love your law." Chapters that review great sweeps of Israel's history (like Psalm 78) have been much harder.

There are obviously a huge number of profound ideas that I've had to leave out of the summary. I basically chose which to include based on how often they are repeated.

Other than the inevitable feeling of being short-changed due to the length, I'm pretty happy with the summary.


what do the Hebrew which have been written for each section mean for instance the first section which covers verses 1 to 8 is titled "Aleph" the next section is titled "Beth" the next gimel and so on


Baldwin - it's the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. 8 verses in each section.

Jacob Novak

I was really having a difficult time trying to understand psalms 119 but I get it now.


That's great news, Jacob Novak! Thanks for saying.


this was absolutely no help to me a waste of time


Not the summary I was searching for but it is still good.


The constant theme throughout is to walk according to the law of the Lord, keep His statutes, commands, precepts, decrees and live according to His Word.

Kevin Kall

who is this 'the lord'?? am pretty sure He has a name written in the Hebrew scriptures. Maybe should use the real name and not substitute it out.

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