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Judges 4 (in 140 characters or less)

Jabin and Sisera oppressed Israel. Deborah sent Barak against them and the LORD routed them. Jael drove a peg through Sisera's head.

Posted on 10 Mar 2011 to 18,076 followers, with 7 retweets.
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this site did not help me. this is not even a summary.


Sorry to hear, Spike. What were you hoping for?


just doing some project for my bible class. need a summary of Judges 4 ans this did not help me. i'm sorry.


This is mere reading a Bible. I need explanation for the chapter.


You're right - this project is about reading and summarising the Bible rather than explaining it.

It sounds like you're looking for a Bible commentary. You could try Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary. There are other commentaries on the same website.


I really need the major truths in Judges 4 soon. My project is due tomorrow. Please reply soon. i'll check this site in the morning.


Try asking yourself questions like:

- What do we learn about God in this chapter?
- What do we learn about Israel?
- What do we learn about leadership?
- What are the ways in which we're similar to the characters in the chapter?

If you answer those you'll have some good material for your project.


okay thanks. this helps. i never thought of these questions.

hey, i might needed some major truths about the whole book of Hosea. another project. (my teacher is really into projects.) so do you think you cam help me with Hosea? Cause you help me with Judges 4.

thanks again!!!!


What are some major truths in the whole book of Hosea?


It's a while since I last read Hosea, but the main theme is that God is faithful even when his people are unfaithful.

I'll be starting the book of Hosea here in about two weeks. You could read along with me and we can discuss the main points in each chapter if you like.

If that's not soon enough, you could use similar questions to the ones I suggested for Judges 4 to get you started.


This project is due in like 3 weeks. i'm close to the end, but i need major truths.
thanks, though


i would like to walk through it with you. i think it would be good for me. This could be my chance to grow in my faith. i just got over my rebellion stage. trying to get back on track.


is that okay with you?


Hi Spike, yes, that's great! I'll be starting Daniel tomorrow and Hosea after that. Post a comment or question after the chapters that interest you and we can talk about what they mean.


What is the date there? Its December 5, 2012 here in the Philippines. I'm from Unites States.


Hi Spike, let's continue the conversation by email. You can reach me via my contact form...


i need notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for bible class:(


i need the major points for Deborah. what makes her intrepid i need the answer by today. it is really important the project is due on Tuesday. please help me ASAP i really really need it please please please


Hi Skyler, here are a few questions that will hopefully help you with your paper:

- How is Deborah described in Judges 4 verses 4 and 5? What kind of person do you think she was?
- Is Deborah shy in the way she asks to see Barak in verse 6?
- Barak is afraid to go to battle (verse 8). How does Deborah respond?
- What happens after Deborah encourages Barak in verse 14?
- What does Deborah sing about herself in Judges 5 verse 7?


Deborah prophesied that the Lord would deliver Sisera into the hands of a woman and it would not be her hands, but it was into the hands of Jael, Hebers wife.


i love this one

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