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Job 10 (in 140 characters or less)

"God, why do you reject the work of your hands? You know that I am not guilty! Why did you bring me out of the womb? Leave me alone."

Posted on 27 Oct 2011 to 20,454 followers, with 11 retweets.
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Alternatively, this chapter could be, "I hate my life! What have I done wrong? I didn't ask to be born! Leave me alone to die!"

It's hard not to smile just a little bit at how teenage it sounds. But I wouldn't like to speculate on what I'd say in Job's position.


Whoa... Job is angry, bitter, discouraged and wishes he had never been born. He is very honest and forthright with God.... Can he get any more depressed ?

Walking same path..

I am walking down the same path and thus the reason for reading Book of Job. GOD knows what HE is doing and with tears in my eyes and a devistated heart, I will painfully continue on. God personally spoke to Job and he still had to endure his entanglements in life. All I can do is hang on,prayers are spiritually appreciated.

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