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Genesis 7 (in 140 characters or less)

Noah and his family went into the ark with two of each creature. It rained for forty days and forty nights and the earth was covered.

Posted on 14 Aug 2010 to 1,087 followers, with 63 retweets.
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Jim Kast-Keat

Don't forget about the rogue "seven of some animal"! Ahh, the joy of ancient oral traditions rolled into ancient collections of writings.


Not just 7 pairs of some animals...7 pairs of all the clean animals and birds...and actually that's really important to get right. By saying 2 of every animal we're actually continuing to share the wrong story and when people go to read the bible they will see the word 7 and may question everything you've written by the fact you've got this detail's important to stay true to the word even when condensing it!


Yes, you both have a point. It's obviously impossible to include every nuance - even important ones - but perhaps "with each creature in twos" (see v15) or "with each kind of creature" would be less misleading.

At some point I'm going to go back through the earlier chapters and make some revisions here on the website. This might be one of them.


That sounds like a good idea and am glad that you take the feedback as a positive thing.

I'm currently looking at orality with my small group and there has been a lot of discussion around how we can condense the word to enable us to tell it in story form. If there's one thing we all agreed on it was that we had to stay true to the word no matter what, so that if a person picks up the bible for the first time there's nothing in there that contradicts what we've been telling them. I think that what you are doing is excellent and I will pray that God continues to challenge you and provide you with the words for your twitter updates! God Bless


Would it be fair to say that Noah and his family went into the ark with at least two of each creature. Thanks for sharing comments, good food for thought.

sophie long

Genesis is such an awesome book to read. Especially in chapter 7.

Melody Johnson

What happened to sea life during the flood of Noah?


Ohhh so preposterous that some ppl believe this.


Please how can I get a copy of the bible summary

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