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Genesis 19 (in 140 characters or less)

Angels took Lot out of Sodom. The city was destroyed by fire and Lot's wife was turned to salt. His daughters had children for him.

Posted on 26 Aug 2010 to 13,210 followers, with 29 retweets.
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Another hard chapter! It's quite long, definitely not happy, and the various parts of the story are all fairly complex.

yamilet avila

make them longer


Looks good! I think I would say His daughters had children from* him though. :/ yuck.

jacob zuma

yes another sad article or chapter again!!!!!!! well if lot's wife would have listen, then none of this would have happened.




Indeed a hard chapter to summarize. I'm remembering the town square conversation, the violent incident at Lots house and the blindness, the warning to family, the approval to go to Zoar and Lots wife looking back., then Lot getting drunk and sleeping with his daughters.
I am really enjoying Bible Summary - Great job!

Harris Mata’afa

Thank You very much or as in my language chupa mi pito

Bev B

So much information to summarize - not even 10 people in Sodom to spare. I wonder what God hears from the world today?


ā€¯his daughters had children for himā€¯

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