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Genesis 15 (in 140 characters or less)

The Lord promised Abram an heir and many descendants. Abram believed. He was told that they would be enslaved but would then return.

Posted on 22 Aug 2010 to 12,063 followers, with 30 retweets.
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wow! extremely short!


What did he promise?


an heir an many heir means like an inheritor of something..


Gods wonderful promise to Abram......... ‘Look up at the sky and count the stars – if indeed you can count them.’ Then he said to him, ‘So shall your offspring be.


Thanks and may God bless you


Wow its so short

Bev B

Imagine a personal conversation with God and clear answers to specific questions-looking forward to heaven and unlimited time with God!


God is great! It's amazing to read about these stories and you only get a glimpse on how powerful our Savior actually is!


gg ty guys lel.


perfect size, and simple, i like it.


And remember Abram believed and it was counted to him for righteousness. That's the key to understanding the entire Bible. All people are saved the exact same way, and that's through believing God's promise. He says, "Believe on me as your Savior, and you will be saved." And it happens in a moment just like a new birth. All people of all time are saved the same way and that's by God's grace through faith. None of us deserve it, but God gave us a way to make it by simply believing in Him to save us.

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