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Exodus 12 (in 140 characters or less)

The LORD told the Israelites to take Passover. That night all the firstborn Egyptians were killed. Pharaoh told the Israelites to go.

Posted on 8 Oct 2010 to 15,505 followers, with 19 retweets.
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This Is very helpful!!!!!!!


I need to read my Bible

confused christian

What is the point of God giving humans free will if he'll just use his godly powers to drive a person into a corner and force him into a decision? If he still says no, more plagues will just come.

Confused EXO fan...

Thank you for the summaries!! They really helped my conspiracies to do with EXO and their Teasers! I have a feeling that their teasers have something to do with EXODUS as its their comeback title...and this to do with the red forces...and the tree being split apart...the red sea being split apart and mind hurts haha I'm not even religious!! Cheers dude!


Pharaoh had to know that God wanted the Israelites out of Egypt but was just unwilling to listen to Him - holding onto his own power. Interesting to note v 32 Pharaoh asks to be blessed.
V 32 Take your flocks and herds, as you have said, and go. And also bless me.


I think this story is so cool!


hey could you make 100 words?


This is very straight to the point. Really helpful, easy to understand.Thanks for this

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