Deuteronomy 21
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If a dead body is found, the city elders must cleanse the guilt. Give your eldest son his portion. A rebellious son shall be stoned.

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This was a hard one! A chapter with lots of quite detailed instructions and no clear way to decide what to emphasise.

We missed the rules about marrying captive women, and "cursed is anyone who is hung on a tree".

I can already guess the Twitter response to "A rebellious son shall be stoned".


Oops - for anyone who spotted, yes I did just delete the original summary and replace it with a slightly changed version. I missed out a letter!

I've made a typo before. That time I left the tweet and only fixed it here, but this time correcting the error took me over the 140 character limit so I had to slightly change the wording of the tweet.

I hope that doesn't mess anything up!


A reminder to purge the evil from among you.

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