Two Thirds

I'm two thirds of the way through the project! (Yes, 66.6%.) Here are a few notes, stats and reflections...

Although I'm two-thirds of the way through the chapters (792 of 1,189), I've only completed just over one-third of the books (23 of 66). Which goes to show how much longer on average the earlier books are than the later books. (I think that makes the task of reading through Scripture feel harder than it otherwise would.)

Here's a little infographic showing my progress and the relative lengths of the books.

Over the past few weeks, traffic to the Bible Summary website has gone crazy. Two months ago, 400 visitors was a pretty busy day, but that number has steadily soared so that last week there were several days when I had over 1,400 visitors. I have very little idea why this has happened, but thanks for visiting!

I can already sense how significant it's going to feel when I get to November 8. That will mark a year to go. It's very strange to begin contemplating a life where each day doesn't begin with posting to @biblesummary.

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Congratulations to @biblesummary who is now just over 2/3 of the way through the project ...

David R

Well done Chris, just over a year to come up with something new to engage your 25783 follwers DAILY!

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