The Psalms

Here we go - I'll be starting the Psalms tomorrow!

I was worried that I would be tired of the daily summaries by the time I got here, and that five months in one book would finish me off. But I don't think I've looked forward to any book more!

In my day job, as Director of Worship at King's Church Durham, I've been challenging myself to include a Psalm each time we gather for worship. That may sound obvious, but our diet has been very much focussed around hymns and songs. It's been incredibly enriching to explicitly link our worship with the songs of Scripture.

The Psalms are a kind of lexicon of worship. Given how much my understanding of the other books I've summarised has grown, I'm really excited to discover what the impact of working through the Psalms will be.

I'm also really looking forward to tweeting straightforward praise of God each day!

I think the Psalms are a kind of project-within-the-project. Reading through the Psalms would benefit anyone... so how about joining me?

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