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Blessings and curses

One strange theme in these early chapters of Genesis is that each time God chooses someone and blesses them, the very next thing they do leads to a curse.

Adam and Eve - at the end of chapter 1 God blesses Adam and Eve; in chapter 3 they eat the fruit and the earth is cursed.

Noah - in chapter 9 God gives a similar blessing to Noah; the other half of that chapter relates how he got drunk and cursed Canaan.

Abram - in chapter 12 Abram is told that "in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed"; the very next thing that happens is that he pretends Sarai is not his wife which leads to a curse for Pharaoh.

It's interesting that these first heroes are so deliberately presented as fallible.

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Hmm, interesting indeed! The summaries are great for noticing these kind of patterns!

It reminds me of something I remember from Hermeneutics with RBriggs last year. One of the articles I liked (Gary Anderson I think) suggested that the pattern of the OT was much like this, with great high points of covenant/blessing immediately followed by crashing lows. He suggested that the history (including pre-history) of Israel followed the pattern of Sinai: the law is being given on the mountain, while at the same time the golden calf is created below...


Yes! That's what I was seeing - all those characters receive key promises of covenant.

It will be sad to watch this pattern continue, then. I'd not noticed it so clearly before.


@biblesummary Just discovering your Blog, great idea! you're doing an awsome job!

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