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2 Chronicles 4 (in 140 characters or less)

Solomon made an altar, the Sea, ten lavers, ten lampstands, ten tables and the courts for the temple. Huram made the furnishings.

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I forgot to comment on one of the Bible's most famous maths problems when I summarised 1 Kings 7, but here it is again...

The Sea (a big bronze pool) is described in the chapter as circular, 10 cubits diameter and 30 cubits circumference. As we know from school, pi x diameter = circumference, so those dimensions would make pi = 3 (instead of 3.14159...).

An unbelievably vast number of words have been written on this issue, all of which basically fall into one of the following lines of response:

1. Ha! The whole Bible is false.
2. If the Bible says it's 3 then the mathematicians have got it wrong.
3. The numbers are primarily symbolic.
4. The measurements don't take into account the curvature of the Sea (it's listed as 5 cubits high) and/or the thickness of the rim (it's listed as a handbreadth wide) so actually the Bible is accurate.
5. 3 is a reasonable approximation of pi.

I'll leave you to make your mind up on that one, but I'd advise a strong coffee before you do a Google search for "Bible pi".


In the travelling Tabernacle the altar was the focal point, reminding people of the need for sacrifice. Likewise V 1 in the Temple the bronze altar was again the place of sacrifice.

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