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1 Samuel 31 (in 140 characters or less)

The Philistines fought Israel. Saul's sons were killed. Saul was badly wounded so he fell on his sword. The Israelites fled.

Posted on 1 May 2011 to 18,921 followers, with 6 retweets.
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The chapter itself finishes on a small note of bravery as the men of Jabesh-gilead recover Saul's body from the walls of Beth-shan, but I wanted to give proper space for the deaths of Saul and his sons.

And I think the summary captures the overall sense of national disaster as 1 Samuel draws to a close.


thats it!!!!!!!!!


IT is good arrangements can you make it the summary in in 1o pages if possible? Thank you and God bless you.


What a sad, sad account of Saul's life and it all started in 1Samuel 8: I just looked back to bible summary for 1 Samuel 8: and it says.....The elders of Israel asked Samuel to appoint a king. Samuel warned them what it would mean. The Lord told Samuel to give them a king.

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